About Franz Torghele

Hello! My name is Franz Torghele and I’m a web and mobile developer from Salzburg, Austria. I started programming more than 12 years ago at the age of 14. In the meantime I’ve made my "Bachelor of Science in Engineering" degree with focus on web development at the University of Applied Science in Salzburg. Currently I’m working on my master’s degree in Multimedia Technology in Salzburg.

Right now I focus on developing web- and mobile Applications mainly using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. As backend I like to use Ruby on Rails, Node or if it’s necessary PHP. I’m also experienced in other Languages like C++ and Java (mainly Android).

I like to build clean and robust applications, although I’m also interested in playing around with new cutting edge technologies.

My Work

I am currently working on two main projects. The first one is called "MovLib, the free movie library". It’s my master’s project at FH Salzburg. The second one is my master's thesis which is all about Android application security and malware detection.

MovLib, the free movie library

MovLib is a free and open-source online movie database which can be edited by anybody. There is no serious free (in the sense of Creative Commons), international database with structured data about movies and series. The aim is not only to develop a movie database, but to also provide the user generated movie data via an API (OpenData) and provide a basis for other projects in this area. Check out our Github Repository!

Tags: Free Movie Database, Creative Commons, OpenData, PHP, OpenSource

Master's Thesis: Android Application Security and Malware Detection

Smartphones and Tablet PCs are becoming more and more important. Android has by far the greatest market share in this segment. Little wonder then that malware development focuses on the Android operating system. Android tries to defend the user against threats with a set of application security enforcements. One of the most important ones is an install-time application permission system which asks the user whether to grant permissions to an application or to abort the installation, but it is questionable whether users even read what permissions are required or just click on install. Because of that, it is important to detect malware in advance and don’t offer it at the marketplace at all. A framework is proposed which uses machine-learning techniques to classify Android applications into two categories: malicious and harmless. This framework is finally applied to the top 1000 free applications on the android market.

Tags: Android, Malware, Application, Market, Static Code Analysis, Machine Learning, Classification

The following are some projects I've done in the past.

Wissen • Teilen • Können

Wissen • Teilen • Können is a web-platform that enables people to find others in their field of interest, and as a next step, meet each other in real life to help exchange, learn and develop certain skills together.

Together with my team I won the European Youth Award 2012 (EYA) with this project.

Tags: Ruby on Rails, Learning Community, EYA2012

Snups & Snups Mobile

The idea behind Snups was to build a photo database in a playful manner which could have been used for artistic inspiration. We decided not to go the “normal” way a photo community usually works, where someone can add photos and assign tags to them. If you play Snups on your mobile device, you get a topic. Your job is it to shoot a photo according to the topic, as creative as possible. The photo can then be rated by other users.

Tags: Ruby on Rails, Photo Community, Android App

My bachelor theses. Both bachelor theses are written in German. If you are interested in reading one of them feel fre to contact me.

Bachelor thesis 1: Rails vs. Sinatra for RESTful Ruby Web APIs

In this document the development of RESTful Web APIs is reviewed. To accomplish this, two Ruby frameworks are compared: The Rails framework and the Sinatra framework. The aim of this comparison is to find advantages and disadvantages of the Rails Framework compared to the Sinatra Framework when it comes to develop such an API. Not only differences regarding the implementation of individual components are reviewed but also the performance of these implementations.

A short introduction to the basics of Web APIs is followed by a comparison of both frameworks in terms of structure and existing components. Afterwards selected features are implemented. These features include: object relationship mapping, routing, support of different representations, pagination and digest authentication. Each chapter is concluded by a brief evaluation. At the end performance measurements are performed on the two implementations. These measurements include response-time, newly created objects per request and the number of runs of the garbage collection.

Tags: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, REST, RESTful API, Performance, Garbage Collection

Bachelor thesis 2: Comparison of various Server Setups for Ruby on Rails Applications

In this paper, various server components for Ruby on Rails applications are compared according to their performance in a production environment and the resulting consumption of resources. First the suitability of Apache2 and Nginx as an asset server and reverse proxy is compared. Afterwards different Ruby application-servers, namely Mongrel, Thin, Unicorn, Passenger and Trinidad, are tested.

A short introduction to the basics on this topic is followed by a comparison of various Ruby interpreters. In the following chapter various server architectures are discussed. Afterwards the comparison of suitable asset servers is performed by measuring the maximum achievable HTTP response rate and the resulting memory consumption. Also, for the subsequent comparison of the Ruby application servers, using different Ruby interpreters, the maximum attainable HTTP response rate and the memory consumption are measured. In addition, the average load per minute is determined which indicates the CPU load.

Tags: Ruby, Server, Performance, Resources

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